Welcome to the Disney Kabaret Podcast

A Celebration of the Disney Community!

Welcome to the Disney Kabaret Podcast! We are a variety show that celebrates the Disney community! We have something new each week as well as our tried and true segments: The Disney Kabaret News Roundup with Wes and the International Bureau with Alana and Jen! Other than that, the sky is the limit. So join us as we play games, review movies, talk about the parks, the cruises, and everything else that makes Disney, well, Disney! Welcome to the Kabaret.



We want to hear from you! Our show is an interactive experience. Each week we will air your announcements and well wishes and answer questions you send to us. We will also have games for you to play along with and giveaways for you take part in. So stay tuned each week with your Co hosts John and Kate and the rest of the Kabaret cast and crew as we bring our show to you each week!

Time Until the Next Show Launches!

We have a listener game at the end of our show most weeks. This counter not only tells you when the next show will launch, but also how much longer you have until this weeks game is over! Be sure to contact us with your answers to be entered in the give away!