3 Disney Bound Outfits Inspired By Princess Belle

disney bounding belle

For those of you who don’t know, Disney bounding is when you take inspiration from Disney characters for your outfits, this is typically done by using the colour scheme found in the characters own outfit or theming. Disney bounding as your favourite character is a super fun alternative if

you’re too old to wear costumes to the parks.

For all of the following outfits I use Belle’s village outfit for inspiration, just because I have a lot of blue in my wardrobe anyway, which is something very important to remember about Disney bounding, is that above anything else it should be your style and you should be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

Outfit 1: Blue, denim dungarees over a plain white t-shirt mimics the look of Belle’s blue dress over the white shirt in a much more casual way. With this outfit Belle’s hair is usually in a low pony tail with a blue bow, I kept this style the same, but what you can’t see here is that I swapped the bow for a blue scrunchie, just because I felt it better suited the outfit.

I also swapped Belle’s black shoes for comfy white plimsolls, but wore black tights so you still keep that part of the colour palate in the outfit.

Outfit 2: This outfit is essentially the same the only change being the dungarees being changed with a blue, denim pinafore. Overall this outfit has a very similar effect to the first one, but I liked the idea of showing an outfit with a floaty skater style shirt. Honestly this dress just makes me want to twirl around so how could I not include it in a Princess post?

Outfit 3: This outfit feels a lot dressier than the others, that’s probably due to the inclusion of a blouse that always an outfit feel a lot smarter. This outfit features a slightly different style of pinafore, but it’s much paler in colour which makes it similar to Belle’s own dress.

I hope this has given you some ideas for showing off your own Disney style – if so tweet your pictures to The Disney Kabaret!

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